The Quickest and Cheapest way to make an e-commerce WordPress site with no coding ability

Hi all, I would like to make a WordPress site for cheap (or free) but I have absolutely no coding experience.

I read Gutenberg is a free plug-in that allows drag and drop functionality on WordPress. Is it possible to copy someone else’s functioning site and just use Gutenberg to change the styling, text and images? If I copy someone else’s site will it copy over the e-commerce functionalities like cart, shipping calculator, checkout, etc.?

Is there an even easier way to do this? Would it be better just to use a free WordPress template for e-commerce? Sorry I am such a noob but I appreciate the advice.

  1. My advise is try to make a WP dev a co-founder of your business idea. Make sure you have something else substantial to put on the table, too, if money isn’t.

  2. Copying other site layouts is not simple. First, if you like the layout of the other site – you need to know which builder is used (also if the site is WordPress at all). You can use Gutemberg to create a site layout but you need advanced knowledge about its functionality and features – if we are talking only about recreating the layout.

    But, what do you mean when you say copy? Use an all-in-one migration plugin, or copy the site database and wp-content? If you copy site data – it will copy all info, including WooCommerce cart, store details, customers, users, etc. URLs in the database, etc.

    Anyway – I recommend making the site from scratch, not copying the existing one.

    There are many free drag-and-drop builders and here are some (including paid) recommendations: [](

    If you do not know to use any builder, my advice is to choose one and use its documentation and tutorials to create your site layout.

    If you wish to create a site from scratch – if you are a beginner, there are many WP tutorials online regarding making a WordPress site. Example for an e-commerce site: [](

    Also – WooCommerce documentation: [](

    WooCommerce is the most used e-commerce plugin when it comes to WordPress (you need a separate plugin if you wish to have eCommerce store) and you can check compatible free themes in the WP repository: [](

    When it comes to a “free” site, well, you need hosting (I am not recommending free options – bad performance, lousy support, etc) domain – you can get a semi-free domain, but you will probably get one with a paid hosting plan (depends of the provider). Next, you need to choose a theme (it can be free, but it needs to be WooCommerce compatible) and use a free builder (such as Gutemberg, but there are also others).

    Creating a WordPress eCommerce store is relatively as easy (depending on your will to dedicate time to it and you generally do not need coding experience – but you need to have basic WordPress knowledge) as many functionalities you wish to add to your store.

  3. I have all you need to setup a e-commerce site since I already did a lot. Happy to talk. Just ping me

  4. In reference to your first sentence.
    If you have no experience in something, and you are looking for something cheap or free. Don’t expect good results.

  5. The Gutenberg plugin is the beta version of the already included builder in WordPress. Don’t use the plugin on a production site.


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