The recruiting hell from group of people that called their practice of hiring is just and fair

Have you ever applied job from
Don’t do that. Do not support them just because you need money. There are lots of jobs better than them. Don’t be blinded by their so called fair treatment. They are the one who actually discriminating and lack of empathy. They do not care whether you made effort of dedicating yourself to the tasks. They just don’t care. They will give you a trial that they simply want you to do their tasks and terminate you without even acknowledging your situation. They will say work on your own pace but then tomorrow they will end your trial because of timing.
Their hiring process is nothing but all unfair. Imagine the hardship they put you on trial with your own laptop being proxied by them and then all the hassle and tedious process then you eliminate you even though your tasks successfully delivered. Their reason was easy, they just don’t want someone who has the skills and capabilities higher than their group. Cause I believed most of them especially in the HR Wrangler teams are not experienced enough. I doubt their integrity as well.
This writing is for those that admire them. You don’t develop self love but only a chain of slave that couldn’t make the practice more convenient, fair and racist or discrimination free.
If there is anyone that can give me the email of their top management, please do so. I need to reach out to their top management and ask them to re look and revise the HR team practices and their outdated and sceptical process. Thanks in advance.


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