The window popup model window does not work well.

Hi @zsolt82,

  1. Are you using the latest version? The z-index of the chatbot is very high when it’s in the popup, so it should really be above everything. But that’s only the case since version 0.2.9. Are you using this one?
  2. You mean, to be full-screen? If yes, that’s doable, and that would be excellent on mobile too. However, if you mean resizable, I don’t think I would do it; it would create too many side issues (which is maybe why the chatbot I often see are fixed).
  3. Yes, I made it so, so that the CSS is easy to modify. You should add this CSS in your theme/WP:
.mwai-window {
    right: inherit !important;
    left: 20px;

.mwai-open-button {
    right: inherit;
    left: 10px;


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