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Hey @baxter89 !

In the theme description, it is recommended not to use the theme for a site in production.

Can you share more about where is this shown. In the plugin’s UI, I’ve only seen this field empty, with a placeholder text asking to fill in the description.

When we create a theme, how do we update the theme we created? I suppose it uses the base theme to create its own.

The plugin has options to either use your currently active theme as the base, or generate a blank theme. Once you have exported a theme, you can continue using the plugin to customize it further, or edit the files directly. The Block themes section in the theme development handbook is a good guide to find out more about such themes.

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I misinterpreted the text in the description, sorry.

He is marked :
The plugin is development only — not intended for use on production websites, but used as a tool to create new themes.


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