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the plugin expands WP shortcodes before insertion via WP function do_shortcode (). Whetever this function returns gets inserted.

Maybe this is not a registered WP shortcode. The responsible plugin may process the post content like Ad Inserter (via the_content () filter hook) and replace this “shortcode” with something.

Remote debugging doesn’t seemt to be enabled so I can’t check.

You can try to lower Ad Inserter plugin priority to some lower number (e.g. 5) for earlier processing/insertion:

The remote debugging is now on. The shortcode is of course registered – it is showed in other places on the page. I tried to change Adinserter priority , eg. 5 but it does not insert any code.

Please let me know if debugging works for you as I can see it works in admin, but when I am logged out I cannot see the debugging blocks etc.

I think the problem is Adinserter does not process the two-parts shortcodes. I looks like it strips the first part.

As explained, if the “shortcode” gets replaced with something that doesn’t mean the shortcode is registered in WP. Please check my previous post.

This is the shortcode in the code block:

[fusion_image_hotspot_point pos_x="82.0" pos_y="55.9" icon="" title="Zobacz" button_action="link" long_title="" long_text="" popover_placement="auto" link="" link_title="Zobacz" link_target="_blank" font_size="" hotspot_text_color="" hue="" saturation="" lightness="" alpha="" hotspot_background_color="rgba(255,255,255,0)" hotspot_hover_text_color="" hotspot_hover_background_color="" icon_distance="" padding_top="" padding_right="" padding_bottom="" padding_left="" border_radius_top_left="" border_radius_top_right="" border_radius_bottom_right="" border_radius_bottom_left=""/][/fusion_image_hotspots]

This is what is returned by the do_shortcode () and inserted:

<a style="--awb-hotspot-background-color:rgba(255,255,255,0);--awb-pos-x:82.0%;--awb-pos-y:55.9%;" class="awb-image-hotspots-hotspot awb-image-hotspots-hotspot-4" href="" title="Zobacz" target="_blank"> Zobacz</a>[/fusion_image_hotspots]

So the plugin inserts exactly what is returned from the shortcode expansion.

It seems that your code is wrong, you are closing a shortcode that is not opened: [/fusion_image_hotspots]

I think the problem is Adinserter does not process the two-parts shortcodes. I looks like it strips the first part.

As explained, Ad Inserter only inserts what the responsible plugin for the shortcode returns. Ad Inserter itself does not expand other shortcodes, it calls WP function for this.

I cannot believe how damn I am. You are right of course, I inserted incomplete shortcode, it lacked the begining (first part, standalone shortcode, closing part)

I am really sorry for taking your time!

Anyway I hope this thread will help others debug similar problems without your help.


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