This plugin is incompatible with WordPress 6.4

Hi @paulherrmann

We are aware of the issue you’re experiencing with the Stripe integration on the latest version of WordPress, and we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. This issue has been reported, and our developers are diligently working on a solution:

In the meantime, as some users have suggested, downgrading to the previous version of WordPress may help to resolve the issue temporarily. You can do this by using a plugin like the WP Rollback or Rollback Auto Update plugins.

We appreciate your patience and understanding while we work on this issue. We hope to have a fix ready in the next release.


Hi @shameemreza,

Thank you for the update on the Stripe integration issue. I’d like to clarify that while the WP Rollback and Rollback Update plugins are great for reverting themes or plugins to previous versions, they are not suitable for downgrading the WordPress core. Could you recommend an alternative method or plugin specifically for rolling back the WordPress version, or confirm if a manual downgrade is the recommended approach at this moment?

Appreciate the support and looking forward to the fix in the next release.


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Hi @alex-caravaca-ponce You can try this plugin:

Unfortunatelly it didn’t work for me, so I had to restore from yesterdays backup after exporting some mission critical data.

Hi @alex-caravaca-ponce

Could you recommend an alternative method or plugin specifically for rolling back the WordPress version

Please try the plugin suggested by @paulherrmann and if that fails, you can do a manual downgrade following this tutorial.

Before you downgrade, I strongly advise you to make a backup of your site in case things don’t go as planned.

If you need further support, feel free to start your own thread.



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