Timed: issue when event is in two days 11 pm to 1 am; user specific timezone fea

By the way: the URL you posted responds with “invalid screencast ID”.

A user specific time zone is not possible because of the way how Timed Content works:

  1. The browser requests a page using HTTP.
  2. On the server Timed Content will handle all shortcodes in the page and will either hide or show content for server side rules or server side shortcodes according to the rule definition.
  3. WordPress will send the final page as response to the browser.

The problem: HTTP requests do not contain any client timezone information, so WordPress does not know what timezone the user is in. That’s the reason why the timezone must be part of the rule and is the same for all users who visit the website.

Implementing user specific timezones would require to load the page without any timed content at all and use JavaScript to check the timezone of the browser (which also may not work because of security measures against profiling) and then request the content via XHR (Ajax) for each timed content section on the page. This would be very cumbersome, since then every page first loads without the content and needs at least one separate requests which will then cause additional content to appear after after a few seconds after the page was already loaded (depending on how fast the server responds and what internet connection the user has). Also the whole timed content would not appear at all if JavaScript is disabled by the user (e.g. using plugins like NoScript etc.).


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