Transferring a domain

Hi Everyone, so this is my first website I have built.

So I pay monthly google workspace for a domain. But I have created my website on WordPress, I was wondering if I buy the personal plan can transfer this domain over? It looks like it only costs £3 a month compared to googles £8 a month, will I have to pay for both or can I cancel my google workspace account after the transfer?

Thanks, sorry if this is a silly question

  1. More info needed. Do you own the TLD? If so then it’s just a nameserver change to the new name servers (maybe MX records for mail and any custom DNS).

  2. Sounds like you’re talking about []( This is not the same as []( (which is free). The .com version is a hosted version which has quite a few limitations in what you can do. The .org version (which is what you should be looking at) is the self-hosted version where you’re not limited with the things you can do.

    For the .org version you just need to get some hosting sorted somewhere and then install WordPress (some hosting providers have WordPress-specific install tools to make things easier for you).


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