Transparent hero section from Spectra vs Kadence header block problem

Hello Everyone,

I started to build a small website and I want to include a hero section where menu bar is transparent and a background is a big picture (like in this example []( I’m using Spectra tool and Kadence theme. One thing however I don’t get – Spectra let’s me build nice looking landing page but the header and menu is defined in theme settings.

What is the standard way to approach this problem? To try make this header fully in wordpress theme settings or to make header transparent and then play with CSS so the “cover photo” on main page is fixed to top position? I would thing that this can be done fully in settings and Spectra and there’s no need to add custom CSS for that but maybe I’m wrong. Please tell me if I’m using a bad combination of Spectra and Kadence and I should change it to something different.

Thank you in advance for your help!


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