Travel Agency, any tips to help me out?

Hi guys, i am launching a Travel Agency online for one of my clients. They requested a fully online payment where the client surfs the packages by Categories (for example Thailand, Vietnam etc..)

Then the single page of the Travel Package should include Flights bookings, Hotels booking (these last two can be from other websites like Booking or Airways) and then they can choose some activities by some checkboxes which are optional.

I need help by choosing plugins and maybe tips and tricks on how to develop this website on WordPress with Elementor and ACF. Thanks guys!

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  1. So largely this depends on how you’re going to source the travel packages.

    Are they going to be manually entered, or do they have a service that they get these from?

    Crocoblocks is a suite of plugins for WP and elementor, that includes a plugin that is very similar to ACF. They have some hotel and travel examples in their examples sites of how to setup a site, as well as some tutorials. Might be a good place to look for examples on how to set this up. But they have booking and scheduling plugins that integrate with payment. Really sounds like it could do a lot of what you’re looking for.


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