Trying to add video to hero section in wordpress?

I copied the HTML from a hero section in WP that only allows images and I copied the video HTML from a video section. Here is the full code:


<section class=”hero wrapper normal” style=”video-container”>

<iframe src=”\&amp;loop=1\&amp;autoplay=1\&amp;controls=0\&amp;showinfo=0\&amp;mute=1″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”></iframe>
<div class=”sub-content”>

<div class=”image”>

<img src=”” alt=”Team Up With Sample Giveaway”>

<h3>Team Up With Sample Giveaway</h3>


<a href=”” class=”button” target=”\_blank”>Enter To Win<svg enable-background=”new 0 0 487 487″ height=”487″ viewBox=”0 0 487 487″ width=”487″ xmlns=””><path d=”m482 234.839-116.5-67.261c-4.783-2.761-10.898-1.122-13.66 3.66-2.762 4.783-1.122 10.898 3.66 13.66l84.213 48.62h-429.713c-5.523 0-10 4.478-10 10 0 5.521 4.477 10 10 10h429.646l-84.146 48.583c-4.783 2.762-6.422 8.877-3.66 13.66 1.853 3.208 5.213 5.002 8.669 5.002 1.696 0 3.416-.434 4.991-1.342l116.5-67.262c3.094-1.786 5-5.088 5-8.66s-1.906-6.874-5-8.66z”></path></svg></a>



The section appears as it should but the banner section is white, the video does not auto play as it should. What is wrong with my HTML?


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