Trying to export Posts using the in built WP Export tool from a site I manage but when I import them into the new WP site the titles are ending with weird “Demo” text

I am trying to export Posts from the “Post” post type for a really old WP Site and while the other custom post types were exported just fine, it is this one that would add “Demo” at the end of each post title.

This is driving me nuts and I am wondering if anyone knows what is going on.

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  1. Sounds like an old theme being difficult. Is ‘demo’ there in the post, or database… anyway… you don’t say what version, what theme, what you importing TO (maybe it’s added then, not on export)…

    Open the XML in a plain text editor. Search/Replace the word Demo. You can do them one at a time to ensure it’s correct – with just a click.

    Even with 1000 posts, it would be quicker than finding the answer for a problem it sounds like you’ll never need to solve again.


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