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Thanks for your post and sorry for the trouble!

This indicates that another plugin is using the screen_settings plugin filter hook in the wrong way.

So far, I have seen this particular error in the “Kreativo Pro
Speed Optimization” plugin. Are you maybe using that?

If not, can you please try again after temporarily deactivating all other plugins and after switching to a WordPress default theme like Twenty Twenty-Three? That way, we can find what’s causing this.


Hi thanks for your reply…..yeah it was another plugin causing the issue, I had to deactivate it.

Thank you

Hi @stephenm,

can you please let me know which other plugin this was? This will really help me if others experience the same issue! Also, I can then contact their developers and ask them to fix the bug in the code.

Also, I’m currently preparing TablePress 2.2.2, which will contain a workaround for the error in the other plugin, so that you can then still continue to use it.

Best wishes,

Sure this is their plugin page……if you can reach out to them it would be great….https://catablog.illproductions.com/


Hi @stephenm,

thanks a lot for that! I will check if I can find the cause for the problem in that plugin and try to get in touch with the developers (however, as it hasn’t been updated in a few years now, I’m not very confident that they will fix it 🙁 ).

Now, the TablePress version 2.2.2 that I mentioned above is now available as well. Once you update to that, the issue should also disappear 🙂

Best wishes,

great that worked perfectly.


thanks for the confirmation, that’s great to hear!

Best wishes,

P.S.: In case you haven’t, please rate TablePress in the plugin directory. Thanks!


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