Unethical to charge for site built with themes? + Advice needed


I am looking to start building sites for small businesses in my area. I have messed around with kadence themes and blocks as well as Elementor with the Pro Elements plugin. I have also played with Spectra and it’s patterns and blocks which can be dragged in and changed. I have ditched Elementor as I think it doesn’t work along side the two other mentioned? The others use Gutenberg?


I’ve beeb able to produce some nice websites using the above, it does take several hours to build these sites but at the same time seems so easy and fun to do?

Is it bad to charge businesses for a website I’ve made from themes and patterns? I make most of the graphics myself using Canva also.

I wouldn’t mind building them all from scratch really if anyone could recommend some good site builders preferably free or cheap to start with, perhaps someone could recommend some expensive ones for later also?

I’m really enjoying building these sites and would love to earn some cash by doing so but I have an unsettling feeling towards charging for something that seems so easy. There are businesses in my area which build sites from sctratch!

Also and I know this is a “how long is a piece of string” questions but for example how much would you guys charge for a perhaps 5 page site built with themes patterns and page builders? (Without using any coding)

I know html and css but is there a point if I’m just going to make whats available through these themes anyway?


  1. No, it’s not remotely unethical. You’re providing a service that most people either can’t do for themselves or don’t have time. Anyone can learn how to change a tyre or change the car oil, but does anyone want to do it themselves?

  2. My view on it is so long as your clear with the client what they are getting and its limitations.

    We have had a fair few clients pay ‘bespoke website rates’ to only get an off the shelf theme which the dev was unable to do something with, usually blaming this on WP itself. Its normally things that would have been simple enough to tweak if it didn’t involve wrestling with the theme/page builder & the ‘dev’ not knowing how to fix it with CSS/PHP etc.

    The last one was mobile menu being hidden on mobiles due to a CTA overlaying it, had been like this for months as the old dev didn’t know how to fix it. 1 line of CSS later into style.css its fixed.

    If you know HTML/CSS your probably going to be alright anyway & able to fix things like this, i would suggest looking at the PHP side of things as well if you don’t know this. This will let you deal with theme limitations if/when they crop up.


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