unusual error/problem with starting new page with Blocksy

Hi all. I’m making a new website for my restaurant business using the Blocksy theme. I made a website using Blocksy for a different business a couple of years ago, and that went all right and is still in use. I should mention that I used to do web design back in th wild days of late 1990 up to about 2001. So sometimes I get confused with the new templates compared with constructing pages in code from the ground up.

Here’s the issue: when I add a new page in the dashboard, I am taken to the page in editor. I type in infomration, add images, etc. The either during the process or when I try to save, I get this warning:

> Updating failed. The response is not a valid JSON response.

When I go back to dashboard or to the Blocksy customizer, nothing is there.

Do I need to re-install something? Could this be a provider/server issue?


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  1. Anything in the browser console just after this happening? A response from an api request is not valid json data, maybe empty or some error text.

    Probably an error occurring in the REST API (used by the editor). Also look for fatal errors in the PHP error log (turn on if not). Maybe a plugin causing this. PHP version?

    Plugin Query Monitor is also useful, as it cacthes most such.


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