updated picture loads as old one

Hi! I’m new to WordPress but I’m using a really good tutorial to help me get started.

I’m trying to change my header logo because there was a mistake in it. It’s supposed to be a picture with a transparent background but I accidentally left some background elements so I had to edit it and re-upload it. Here’s the kicker: it uploads it as the old one rather than the updated one. The background elements still show when I upload the new logo. I’ve tried completely deleting the old one and uploading the new one, doesn’t work. I’ve tried opening and viewing the file before selecting it to check and the background is clear. I upload it, the background props appear in the header. Is this a glitch or am I just really really dumb? 🙂

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  1. Try viewing the site in incognito/private browser window. If that works, you can go back to your normal browser and refresh the page using your favorite method while holding the shift key and this will trigger a “clean refresh” or “full refresh,” meaning it is a fresh copy of everything from the host server instead of serving from the browser cache.

    If that doesn’t work, are you using a changing plugin or CDN? You may need to manually clear other caches beyond just your local browser cache. If you’re still in development, I would probably disable any extra caching told that might be in play and save yourself some headache. Cloudflare, for instance, I’m pretty sure has a development mode you can enable when editing your site.


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