UpdraftPlus- Why are there multiple unnecessary backups on my dashboard?

I’ve attached an image of two sets of UpdraftPlus backups on WP sites that I run.

On the left dashboard, there are multiple backups per day, between two and four. And these are backups are on four separate days. One backup is missing the database.

On the right dashboard, there are four backups, over four separate days.


Why is the dashboard on the left making multiple backups? I’m only running the backup once.


Please help me configure UpdraftPlus so I do not have any extra unnecessary backups like the dashboard on the left.



On another note, I have a third site, that only stores a maximum of two backups. Whenever I make a new backup, the last one seems to be deleted. How do I change this so that UpdraftPlus will store a maxium of four backups; the same as the first two sites.

Thanks for your help!



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