Uploading Large ZIP files to dropbox as digital downloads impact performance?

Hi guys,

I’m relatively new to WordPress, nonetheless, I’ve built this site:

[https://filmmakers.community](https://filmmakers.community) which serves as a platform for new creatives wanting to learn how to color grade (film specific stuff).

Now, I ‘sell’ these free packs of footage, which is usually about 500/600MB zipped. Now I’m using dropbox to serve as the cloud, which people can direct download their purchased files from. But what are better alternatives for this, as it’s super glitchy?

Would uploading these packs to WordPress mediapool hurt my sites’ performance? Or is using a NAS smart for file delivery?

I’d love to hear!



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  1. Depends, does your host facilitate decent transfer speeds, are you going to be bandwidth locked within a reasonable amount or time, or do you have a large amount of visitors / downloaders of the files?

    It can be self-hosted, but going for some kind of dedicated file hosting is probably the better bet if you’re going to be scaling it up. If not, keep it as a selfhosted thing.


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