Use a standalone ticketing system or build one using WordPress plugins?

A client has asked for a ticketing system for support purposes.

He hasn’t specified whether he wants it built into the website or a standalone one so the choice is entirely mine.

I looked into solutions and there are several popular options like Zendesk, Zoho but I feel they will be an overkill. I also found a few PHP based open source ones which were interesting.

But amongst them all I also found a few wordpress based ticketing systems which was great because the site itself is built on wordpress.

Has anyone here used a wordpress based ticketing system? How does it compare with the standalone ones? Which one should I go with?

  1. Depending on the clients needs, JetBrains YouTrack could work and it’s free for small teams. it would just have to exist outside of the website itself.

  2. I think one thing that will help here is getting an idea of what kind of volume your client is anticipating and how the support requests will be coming in (email, chat, etc)

  3. I have good experience with WSDesk. I integrated this plugin for one of my clients. The most interesting feature is email piping, if anyone send support request to your support email, then it will automatically create a support ticket. Of course this require a little piping setup under your control panel.

  4. Random one I found

    You have very little to go on.. it can be as simple as a contact form with an incrementing serial number which resets each auto responder.

    I use Zendesk at work but can feel like you’re maintaining two sites, WP and Zendesk.

    Are their support agents? Different groups, like sales or tech support or is it one person just answering emails?

  5. I mean, super basic Zendesk is only $19/mo:


    I think I might look there instead of trying for a WP specific solution. ZD is used by everything from mom and pop businesses to giant enterprise level companies.


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