User Availability -> Admin Chooses Lesson Booking?

I’m currently building a WP website using Elementor, Woocommerce & JetEngine for a friend, and he wants to:

\- Let users set their availability for lessons (between the times of 6-11, when he’s available)

\- Users can then buy a 45 minute lesson, without attaching it to a time

\- Then he, as an admin, can go in and create a 45 minute lesson based on their availability

He was hoping that there was a way to let users interact with a calendar with click-and-drag functionality. Most of the plugins/solutions I’ve seen are the opposite of this situation, where the admin sets the availability, and the user schedules the appointment, but that’s not what he wants.

As an MVP, I have a user meta box with that availability in a text field. Then, he would just send GCal invites. But again, he was looking for something more interactive/fool-proof.

Another thing I was thinking through – is there a certain solution out there that could be repurposed for users to act as “Admins” who can set their availability, and us as actual admins to act as “Customers” to book appointments?

Wanted to post here though, to see if anyone has any experience with this sort of flow, if there are any other plugins or workflows I should consider, or any advice for this situation.


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