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As a follow with additional context…

When I go to…
User->All Users
I have a notification saying “User Registration: [16,000] Users pending approval.”

However, on the tab where it has All, Administrator, Editor, Author,…, Pending (20,000) – the number here is different than the number from the “User Registration” notification above it.

When I click the “User Registration: 16,000 Users pending approval” – I see different members there than I see in the “Pending” section.

The users who are having issues logging in and getting approved are the users from the “User Registration” link. So it’s related to this plugin, but I’m unsure how to fix and identify the issue.
It doesn’t matter how many times I approve via their profile or select the checkbox and then click “bulk actions”->”approve” then “apply” it still doesn’t change their user state.

Hi @atrap,

According to our understanding, the issue was generated because you have changed the server. The already existing user status has been changed during the transformation of the users and has not been updated to the approved status.

Approval and denying is the default feature of WordPress. If it is not changing the status, we believe this issue is on your site and server; you can confirm it by deactivating the user registration plugin and trying to approve users on your site.

You have created multiple tickets for the same issue, so we will close this ticket and continue support from another ticket.



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