Using Plugins with free version of wordpress (ex.: Oxygen builder)

I used to build websites on wordpress with the Plugin Oxygen a couple years ago, without having to subscribe to any wordpress plan.
However, today, when I tried to create a new website, it seems like I can no longer use plugins with the free plan of wordpress, but I have to subscribe to an annual business plan for 300$/year.

Is it possible that wordpress changed it\`s plans and no longer allows plugins on free plans?

Any information is appreciated.

  1. You’re talking about a wp DOT com account – they still have a free plan but you cannot use anything with it.
    Look at using the DOT org software on your own server then you can use whatever plugins you need without ‘upgrading’ to any plan.

  2. []( has never allowed use of plugins with their free plan. It’s kind of part of the deal with a “Freemium” business model. You get a limited sample for free, but if you want the whole deal, you need to pay. You can’t get something for nothing. It costs money to run servers and pay people to maintain systems, answer questions, etc.

    That said, if one is looking for managed hosting, I’m generally a fan of’s Business plan. It’s actually a good deal in the managed hosting space. But if you are just looking to build a site and don’t need the features that managed hosting offers, then a regular host is the way to go.

    WordPress, the open-source software from, has always been free. Could that have been what you were thinking of? That said, it has never been free to HOST a WordPress site. You’ve got to pay someone for that server space.

    And as always, I’ll include this link in case anyone reading this down the road is confused about vs


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