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Thanks for your message. Our plugin does not actually send any email message. It only builds a message object, which is dispatched directly by the WordPress native functions, according to your mail settings.

This means that any third-party plugin may be setting up invalid SMTP connections to deliver the email messages, and so this could be one of the causes of the issue you’re having.

What we always suggest to all our clients in these cases is to double check the two only configuration settings in VikRentCar that may be responsible of the mail sending issues: Admin Email and Sender Email address. These two configuration settings are controlled directly by our plugin, and from the first tab of the Configuration page you can change them to reflect the policy of your Mail Transport Agent (MTA). Whether it’s PHP Mail or an SMTP service, specific combinations of sender email address and recipient email address may be rejected, hence you may not receive any email messages.

The most common rules among MTAs are the followings:

  1. The Sender Email address must match your domain name.
  2. Sender email address equal to recipient email address (Admin Email) may be rejected, as this could be a self sending email message.

Please get in touch with your hosting company or with your SMTP provider to understand if there are any policies/rules in place that are preventing your website to properly deliver email messages.

We hope this is helpful!

The VikWP Team


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