VikStripe not Saving Stripe Parameters


Thanks for your message. It looks like the system is unable to save the settings of your payment method, and the issue could be related to the database table responsible of storing such settings, or maybe to an invalid AJAX response.

Stripe is a global payment solution, and so the instructions for Australia are exactly the same as for any other country. The only required settings are the ones you are unable to save, and that’s why the Stripe SDK for PHP is returning that Exception (error) about the missing API Key for Stripe.

The most important settings, beside of course the ones to store your Stripe account credentials, are the followings:

  • Payment Type: choose whether payments should be captured or just authorized.
  • Enable automatic payment methods: if enabled, any additional payment method beside “credit card” available on your Stripe account will be displayed to customers to complete the payment.
  • Set up Future Usage: there are some payment methods available in Stripe that cannot be re-used by the same user for future transactions. For example, third party payment solutions that work with wire transfers or similar transactions do not support the “future usage”, and so if this setting was enabled, such payment options would not be displayed to guests during the payment phase.

The problem is that you cannot save the settings at all. You could also be running the plugin on a multi-site environment, but we would need to check this better from your website.

This topic relates to the commercial version of Vik Booking and to the Add-On for Stripe, so we kindly ask you to get in touch with our technical team so that we can assist you. You can either use the contact form on our website or you can open a support ticket. We would probably need to debug the issue directly from your website with a temporary login account, and so we invite you to reach out to our team directly from our website so that we can investigate the issue.

Thank you!

The VikWP Team


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