WAMPServer: WordPress Index.php Download instead of execution when navigating to localhost

\- 1 – Windows version: 10, 64 bits
\- 2 – Wampserver version (3.3.0) 64 bits
\- 3 – Apache version (Specify version):
\- 4 – PHP version (Specify version): 8.0.26
\- 5 – MySQL version (Specify version): 8.0.31
\- 6 – What color is the Wampserver icon: Green
\- 8 – Do you have access to localhost (wampserver homepage)? Yes
\- 8a – If yes, is there an error message at the bottom of the page? No
\- 8b – Which browser are you using? Chrome
\- 9 – Do you have access to phpMyAdmin? Yes

\- 11 – If you are using an Anti-virus and/or a Firewall, please give the names of the latter: Windows security
\- 12 – What is the full path of the Wampserver installation: C:\\wamp64



I have a wordpress site built with roots.io bedrock and sage theme. When I navigate to movementgyms.test, a copy of the index.php is downloaded rather than executed. How do I fix this?


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