Web design company gave me a zip of the site they built. Have no idea how to host this thing.

Hello! I am a web developer trying to help my friend host a wordpress site another company built for him. They were trying to charge $2000 a year to host the site themselves which I said was outrageous, so I offered to help him host it.

I am a seasoned web dev but have zero wordpress knowledge, so just need a little help pointing me in the right direction.

The zip file included the following:

* A SQL dump file
* `wp-content` folder
* `plugins`folder
* `themes`folder
* `uploads` folder
* `index.php` file
* `extras` folder
* A zip file containing an `Ave` theme
* A `license.txt` for the theme
* A json dump of what looks like the theme config

So far, I have a WordPress instance using Namecheap’s EasyWP and imported the sql dump and used the SFTP to replace the wp-content folder with the one in the zip. I still don’t see the custom theme they built us. I assume it has something to do with the `extras` folder. Any idea what I’d do with that folder?

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