Website and SEO via wordpress possible to do it myself, Estimate for how much it would cost?

Hello I am in the process of determining if I should create this website myself or hire (Up work or other freelancer).

A sample of the website I would like to create is this one: [](


* I would have at least one extra page with rates
* Would need to be in both languages french and english
* Website and SEO (both languages for SEO as well)
* Static Website no Ecommerce, couple blogs hear and there for SEO purposes

If i was to do it myself:

* Domain Registration and hosting (use something like dreamhost) Dreampress plan (Us Google keyword planner before choosing name to see keyword volume for area)
* CMS:
* Plugins
* Elementor Pro
* Astra theme
* Rank Math: Seo plugin
* Polylang: Bilingual Plugin
* Jetpack: optimization plugin (content and images i belive)
* Wp Rocket: similar to jetpack
* once built, evaluate structured data here.
* Google tools: use tools to evaluate speed, and seo ranking, google my business.


* Google tag manager: seo related but not sure if i need this with seo plugin?
* ACF plugin? Not sure if I need this.

Although I believe I can do this myself. I do not have experience.

With that said:

1. Could I create the above linked site with what I have provided? Within 3 weeks.
2. How much would it cost to have the Website built, and seo done if just use a freelancer or agency (I have reached out locally) and the prices range quite a bit, the worst is monthly management fees of like.

* How much would you charge in monthly fees to maintain the site and seo?
* Would it be done in 3 weeks?

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  1. Can you do it? Yes, you can absolutely do it yourself if you know how to set up the systems.

    * Never register a domain with a web hosting company. Go for those who are primarily a domain registrar.
    * Elementor is not necessary. In fact, I don’t advise.
    * Jetpack might not be necessary.
    * cannot be used for schema. It’s the standard. You need something else, eg: SEO plugin.

    **Can you do it in 3 weeks?** Maybe, if you are good with technology and a quick learner.

    **Cost of development** varies greatly. With a good offshore agency, it could be done at a relatively cheaper rate. With US/Canada, you already have a quote.

    **SEO** is a different game altogether. The exact estimate requires better understanding of the keywords targeted. It’s an ongoing process, and not one-off.

    If you need maintenance, you pay the charges. No maintenance, no cost.

    Can it be done in 3 weeks? Yes, absolutely.
    What we charge? Connect for a private discussion. It’s best that way.


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