Website pricing – sidegig

Just wanted to hear some feedback from the community. I have a stable 8-5 job that pays me ok. I want to build websites on the side after work to earn extra income. US-based. What would be more realistically?

My expectations so far:
High goal: Get to 4k a month making two websites per month or so
More realistic goal: 3k a month with 2 websites per month
Lower goal: 1 website a month for about 1k/1.5k

I would aim at doing businesses websites or whatever comes my way…

If you already make income doing websites. What have you guys have experienced out there? I’m learning figma and elementor. Have been a graphic designer before. Assume I would have well-made websites. Want to know if it’s worth to keep learning from a return on investment point-of-view. Thank you!


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