What are some ways you are monetizing your website? I am thinking of starting a blog for JS, PHP and in general web developers but I’m unsure how to monetize it since it’s going to take a lot of time creating high-quality content.


So I’m a web developer and I have noticed that a lot of times, IT tutorials are not beginner-friendly and are not explained well especially when it comes to very basic things.

I have thought about starting a blog where I explain the very basics of web development in an [ELI5](https://www.reddit.com/r/explainlikeimfive/) way and filling the gap of what kind of information is and isn’t available ( I already have a full-time job so this is not going to be my main source of income, but just an extra way to help cover the cost of time and effort).

Since it’s going to take lots of time researching a topic, creating the visuals, putting together step by step guide and explanation and publishing it and reaching an audience is going to take a lot of time and effort, it would be great if I could monetize it.

Off the top of my head, I can think of:

* having Free and Premium content (but I’m not a huge fan of this since I believe a lot of the information I provide are easy to find on other websites so not many people would pay for it even if it’s explained much better).
* asking for donations if they find the content helpful but this is a hit or miss
* having ads on the website (i personally hate ads so doing what I hate isn’t really ideal)
* having referral links like suggesting SiteGround and having affiliate links

The one that makes most sense to me is the Free/Premium content but the Premium subscription would be something very low maybe 1 dollar/euro per month to access all the content and some extra features like being able to bookmark content, download ready-made files and projects, etc.

Any other idea how else you would go about and monetize a website?


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  1. My friend… You want devs to pay for your premium content? For a pay wall? Seriously, when was the last time you subscribed to pay walls to read blogs? what are you smoking?

    Your blog content should always be free. And if it has quality content it will automatically reflect on how good you are.

    Offer services that will get you paid. From a web training /course content and videos to consultancy to a SaaS platform.

    For example i follow a blog on AWS tips and news. The author is so good and insightful that we contacted him for consultancy.

    Another example Kinsta hosting has one of the best WordPress blogs sharing really insightful reviews and anaylytics and tips on various wordpress development and plugins. All prepared by their engineers. Its so good it just reflects on how good their wordpress support and hosting is.

    Many examples in using blog content to drive monotization to your website


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