What are the reasons why server response taking too long?

I have been searching for ways on how to reduced the server response but until now I haven’t found any solution to it. I have already created a simple php page just to test if the php page loads faster. And it only took 0.5seconds to load. However, when it comes to our main WordPress site, it loads 5seconds on average on first load. I couldn’t figure it out what’s causing this. I already did some cloudflare caching and it loads almost instantly when it is being cache by Cloudflare. However, it loads 5 seconds on average on first load.

What are the reasons why server response taking too long?

Can you share it to me how you resolved this issue?

Any recommendations here to improve the server response?

I can DM you the website.

  1. Please DM me the site, I’ll have a look.

    Did you do any check with query monitor by any chance?

  2. Theres a lot of factor such as share hosting, location, server spec, website optimization and so on the list keeps going I do offer optimization services if interested also did you added cloudflare rules?


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