What are Your Go-To Plugins for Supercharging Website Functionality?

I’m currently working on enhancing the functionality of my WordPress site, and I’d love to know which plugins you swear by. Whether it’s for SEO, security, or just making your site look amazing, what are your must-have plugins? Any hidden gems that have been game-changers for you? Share your plugin wisdom!

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  1. Must-have plugins:
    – The SEO framework
    – Ninja Firewall
    – FluentSMTP with SMTP2GO or MailerLite
    – NGINX helper (I use FastCGI cache)
    – Redis Object Cache (I use Redis Object Caching)

    These are the first things I install and configure on my website. Just for SEO plugins I do it after I finish building the site.
    If I want to supercharge the performance of my site more and more, I go with Flyingpress and enable its server-side caching along with NGINX FastCGI cache and configure it properly.
    Avoid Wordfence or any other security plugin other than Ninja Firewall and avoid WPRocket. Flyingpress is the best.
    I use The SEO Framework because it is lightweight and functions the same as any other SEO plugin.


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