What are your thoughts about using AI with development?

I’m not the greatest programmer and I’m using a tool called [codewp.ai](https://codewp.ai) to help me generate snippets, and so on. I would love to hear thoughts from “real” devs as to the pros and potential pitfalls that come with using this new method. Is there anything that I should be looking out for?

  1. I’ve started to use it for hooks here and there, but it’s often confidently wrong. It can help point you in the right direction tho.

  2. Shall we use AI to write code? Absolutely yes.

    I think most of the text generators use OpenAI API.
    This API is free to test, and you can develop a simple or advance app using GPT-3 and then train it for code writing or debugging.
    I’ve recently built a chat app using Open AI and it was relatively easy process. They provide in depth documentation on how to use their product.
    It’s already appeared to me, AI is here to stay, because of how easy and accessible it is for any level of developer skill to implement it for many different applications.

    It’s also important to understand this technology is in a beta version. Machine learning will soon create a beast that will resolve any complex problem with best efficiency in no time.

    You may find wrong answers to some of your questions, but that is how this works. Every time you ask AI a question, you also help him organize and expand its knowledge base.
    If you are thinking of learning a new programming language or improving your existing skills, I believe you should not hesitate, but be very careful with which one you are going to learn, there is a very different future ahead.


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