What can Divi do that Bricks or Oxygen can’t?

And vice-versa?

I’ve been using Divi for about 3-4 years now and while it’s mostly nice to work with, the bugs and lack of modern control is becoming too aggravating. I spend more time research and trying to make things work then I am actually building in many cases.

Bricks seems more dev friendly and I’ve been taking advantage of using their sandbox version to try and replicate pages. I seem to be able to build faster and only need to jump over to Google to research small things.

Oxygen I tried for a few hours and I wasn’t all that impressed with the UI. Doesn’t mean if I didn’t put a few more hours in that it wouldn’t change, but Bricks just seems a bit more intuitive.

I’ve also explored just straight Gutenberg as well, and it does have some good qualities and can hopefully replace a lot of builders in the future.

Looking for some feedback and where to invest time/money next. Thanks!

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  1. I’ve been researching this for about a month and it seems the introduction of Breakdance killed Oxygen. I’ve also been messing around with Bricks and it’s been a great experience.


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