1. The perfect solution for you will be completely different to the perfect solution for someone else. So you need to start with figuring out what the “perfect solution” means to you.

    If you want an open source solution and to be able to host it anywhere, then WordPress might be a better option. If you want a real easy to use backend and a predictable shopping experience for your clients, then you might prefer Shopify.

    But nobody can suggest which platform is most suitable for your business when none of us know what your business actually is.

  2. Asking in the WordPress subreddit will more than likely give you a skewed answer don’t you think…

  3. You will need to make that decision on your own. Look at each product and decide which one will be best for your business. WordPress is suited for some and Shopify is suited for others. It’s all up to you.

  4. My two cents: On Shopify you basically own nothing, in some cases not even the domain. I’ve seen businesses go down the drain because their account is closed without further details. No answers, no support.


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