1. This isn’t strictly an answer to your question but I’d recommend building what you’re trying to build without plugins. When you reach a point where you’re thinking “wouldn’t it be nice if x could do y?” or “I know x can be done but I’m in over my head”, that’s when I’d start looking into plugins buuuut… I’d first ask myself if the desired functionality is necessary or at least worth the added complexity and cost (if applicable).

    i.e. avoid getting caught up in solutions in search of problems- this will often result in plugin dependency, increased attack vectors, and of course, complexity.

    That said, WPForms adds a drag and drop form builder, a templating system for forms, integrations with other services, and lots of other bells and whistles, probably too many to properly itemize and describe here.

    This might help: [https://wpforms.com/features/])

  2. Very little. It’s crap with good marketing. The free version is a teaser, not even enough functionality to be considered usable. Opt for Gravity forms if you can swing it, or Ninja Forms if you want a functional but limited free option that you can purchase individual modules on an as-needed basis.

  3. Pardon my ignorance, but what “built-in form blocks” does WordPress have? I can’t recall WordPress offering any sort of form solution or form blocks. Are you talking about [WordPress.com]) ?


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