What is the best search plugin ?

Hello all,

I’m quite new to WordPress, and I’m working on a website with migrated content from an old website.

This website contains a lot of documents, with a lot of filters, it’s a huge database indeed, and I must migrate everything on WordPress. (It’s a website about numismatic, so there’s a lot of content to view and search, coins, banknotes, artifacts, papers, … With numerous and specific categories).

The existing search filters are many : checkboxes, dates, tags, writing fields, and fields where I must indicate weights, size… (inferior and superior numbers, for example).


**My question is** : What plugin would be the most suitable for my case ? I know Search & Filter could be interesting, and maybe facetWP. The plugin don’t have to be free.

**What I need with a plugin like this is :**

\- Being able to create multiple categories with separated databases (example : I’d like to have a unique page for coins only, with specific and different search filters than a page for banknotes, with other kind of search filters.)

\- Being able to present multiple filter options on the page. (Example of the options I’d like to see in different search categories : countries, prices, material, and more.) It would look like this : [https://colorlib.com/etc/searchf/colorlib-search-9/](https://colorlib.com/etc/searchf/colorlib-search-9/)

\- Being able to customize it’s layout a bit at least.


Note : Most, if not all the content will be converted into “posts”.

Thanks a lot, and sorry for my poor english.

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