What is this strange banner from “Hackguardian”?

Hi – just today I noticed that when editing my site while logged in (i.e. it doesn’t appear to regular viewers of the website) there’s this strange banner message across the top of my site:

(Sorry for the horrible narrow screenshot.) It says “HackGuardian: Enabling HackGuardian protects your website. However, disable the tool when accessing SFTP, installing plugins and updating WordPress. Enabling/disabling may result in 10 seconds of downtime (in rare cases up to 60 seconds).”

This seems extremely weird and I’m worried it’s some kind of virus, but if so, I don’t know how I contracted it or what to do about it now. (This is just my own personal website and I’m very much a WordPress beginner.)

Also, I find it very strange that searching “HackGuardian” (NOT Hackerguardian, which is some existing plugin) on Google and WP forums yields absolutely no results. Is this some sort of brand-new virus/scam that no one’s ever seen or talked about before??

Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks.


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