1. * [Akismet])
    * [App for Cloudflare])
    * [Plugin Check])
    * [Query Monitor])
    * [SSH SFTP Updater Support])

  2. * Builder: Bricks
    * CDN: Cloudflare
    * Hosting: WPEngine
    * Spam protection: OOPSpam
    * SEO: SEOPress

  3. Template: Astra free

    Builder: Elementor free (switching to breakdance soon)

    CDN: Cloudflare

    Hosting: Hostinger

    SEO: Yoast free

  4. Elementor, Cloudflare, Wprocket, Rank Math, ACF, Wordfence.

    If I need better conditional forms then Fluent forms.

    If I need more dynamic visibility for ACF then one of the dynamic.oo plugins.

    Host is [one.com]) – Can’t really recommend any higher for support.

  5. Not really a “stack”, but I see what you mean.

    Framework: Hello by Elementor with Elementor

    Server: Litespeed Web Server with LSMCD for object caching

    Plugins: LSCache plug-in for QUIC CDN and Asset caching and optimisation, ACF Pro, Query Monitor. The SEO framework.

  6. Im a bit new to it all. I see cloudflare mentioned a lot, even more in this thread. What exactly does it do, and is it free?

    Been using Gutenberg so far with 2023 theme and 1 project with Astra. SEO framework

  7. Linode
    Nginx no apache
    Updraft is really my only required plugin
    Google drive (I got grandfathered 100gb when I paid for extra storage ALLLLLLLLL the way back in about 2006)
    And of course
    Rank math. I need to get better at seo is there a rank math subreddit ? Fuck yoast.

  8. Template: [Themeco]) Pro
    Builder: Cornerstone by Themeco
    CDN: Cloudflare
    Hosting: WP Engine

    I really like Themeco, super awesome and powerful

  9. Structure: Underscores, TailwindCSS, Gulp

    Plugins (must have): ACF, Rank Math

    Hosting: Rocket.net

    CDN: Cloudflare

  10. Theme: custom theme I made using Zurb Foundation for framework with _S as the templates.

    Editor: Nova by Panic. I love the built in FTP client. Like an animal, I work right off the server. That way the team, client and everyone can contribute without having a local set up.

    Hosting: Cloudways. Love the options to select your server and crate apps.

    I’ve been using Elementor lately for smaller sites and really like it. I also have bricks, but the last few projects I had I needed Adobe typekit integration and at the time it didn’t offer it.

    Lots of custom queries and loops.

    I have outgrown Zurb as it has been stagnant for a few years. Looking for a new responsive framework. I just need a framework (columns, grids, etc). I don’t need all the utilities that come with it (colors, font sizes, buttons etc). If anyone has suggestions I am all ears.

  11. Beaver builder, beaver theme, acf pro, gravity forms, SEO framework, WP rocket, wordfence, patchstack, polylang, query monitor, updraftplus. Removed WP migrate pro recently, don’t use it as team is small.
    Considering kadence

    CDN – none
    Hosting – local, closest to client target audience (not US)

  12. Wp Engine + Custom Gutenberg blocks with boilerplate custom themes. Only what I need to get the job done. 👌

  13. Full AWS stack. EC2 running nginx and redis for object caching, RDS for seperate dB, fronted by cloudfront and WAF. Custom on the fly image optimization done through cloudfront with a lambda function. Front-end hybrid of hand coding and elementor (1 container per page using 1 HTML widget only) ecomm site doing 100k users month and 5m/ year.

    Few woo functionality plugins and seo framework. That’s about the only plugins used.

  14. Hosting:




    Yoast (it’s not bloated and has amazing PHP hooks)

    Redirection (best 301 redirect plug-in)

    Elementor (when client wants page builder)

    ACF (or carbon fields for php)

    Custom themes built from scratch

    For my e-commerce sites:


    Elex for USPS shipping tracking (not the regular Woocommerce shipping and tracking cuz it forces jet pack)

    Lisfinity Theme (for multivendor sites)


    TailwindCSS (though I make it a point to still name my classes and actually use tailwind as more of an override)


    Carbon fields


  15. Hosting: Linode /LEMP for:

    * 1. Speed = nginx hhtp/2 (and http/3) and brotli; there are no need for caching plugins nor CDN
    * 2. Security = DDOS and Firewall at host level, WAF, fail2ban and etc at OS level; hardened SQL, webserver and PHP and there are no need for security plugins nor CDN
    * 3. Backups: Linode backup plus tar for site and database backups, rsync to extern storage, cron to automate, sftp for offline them; and there are no need for backup plugins
    * 4. Diehard sysadmin have his own sins, mea culpa.

    Alternative hosting: WPEngine

    Theme: GeneratePress(Premium)/GenerateBlocks

    Plugins: ClassicEditor, Forminator, PostSMTP and Pods (easier than ACF) if needed

    SEO: TheSeoFramework

  16. Theme: Flatsome
    DNS: cloudfare
    CDN: wasabi
    Hosting: Gcloud
    SEO: rankmath
    Cache: WPRocket, Redis

    Mysite slowly when creating/updating post/product. I use plugin WpAllImport full cpu, ram

  17. – CMS: WordPress
    – Frontend: React / Vue
    – Plugins: Formidable
    – APIs: Formidable API, Core WP API
    – Host: Siteground, Cloudflare Pages for Frontend
    – CDN: Cloudflare

  18. ALWAYS:
    – Beaver Builder/Themer
    – Ultimate Add-ons Beaver Builder
    – Toolset
    – Yoast SEO

    – Gravity Forms
    – Admin Columns Pro

  19. – Builder: Bricks
    – CSS: CoreFramework
    – Hosting: Hetzner + CloudPanel
    – CDN: Cloudflare
    – SEO: SEOPress

    Others: BricksForge, BricksExtras, ACPT, WPCodeBox, Wordfence

  20. Template: Shoptimizer for E-Commerce
    Builder: Cornerstone but I want to start coding everything
    CDN: BunnyCDN
    Hosting: Krystal.uk
    SEO: TSF


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