When developing your own themes, what plugins do you use?

For example, Advanced Custom Fields, Image Resizing (for custom cropping), and so on. I know no one wants to bloat a theme with plugins, but surely there are some that are so typically used they’re basically coupled to every theme, right?

  1. At most i’ll use ACF, which is a decent abstraction layer for handling meta data, but other than that i don’t really use plugins for the development process.

    For image resizing i’ll either register the image sizes, or do them on the fly. Registering the image sizes comes with the upside of the necessary image sizes always being available, and the downside that the images will have a lot of bloat if you aren’t using the various sizes. Doing them on the fly comes with the upside of a lot less bloat, and the downside that the first time the image is viewed in a given size, you’ll have to wait for the server to handle the image resizing.

  2. I’m on /u/iWantBots side for most of the part. Start with a basic theme and then add code as requested by the client.

    If you’re building a for a client and then will not be handling the content updating/design changes, then yes. Adding plugins will make your client’s life much easier.

    Currently I’m using **[Kirky frameworks](https://kirki.org/)** to build my themes. They come out very fast and crisp.

  3. None.

    Like using ACF is fine in my opinion but personally I never use it. I have no reason for this.

    Why would you use it if you can use custom post types created by you? Image Resizing? You need a plugin for that?

  4. We use plugins where it makes sense, its important not to go over the top with them as they do cause issues and anything that directly interfaces with the theme should be built in (ACF is our go to plugin that breaks this rule due to the time savings & stability). All other plugins should be replaceable without to much trouble/issues with the theme.

    One of WP key selling points is its expandability with plugins, its also one of its issues as inexperienced/poor developers go crazy with it and you can end up with monster sites with 100+ plugins that are impossible to support. This is the same with page builders cluttering up the sites and giving WP a bad name.


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