When i search products, results showing like blog, not like products search..

Relevanssi doesn’t change your theme’s search results template; Relevanssi has no such power. In Woodmart, like many other WooCommerce themes, the search results template used depends on the post_type parameter. If the post_type is set to product, you’ll get the product template; otherwise, you’ll get the basic blog post template.

So, what changes or removes the post_type parameter? Relevanssi in itself does not touch the parameter.

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Thank you for your reply (really fast) !

Yes, all the parameters are correct. The search type has been set to “product” , it was alway like this.

But , only when I deactivate Relecanssi , I have the search results with the product type layout. If I enable your plugin the results will become blog type.

Maybe a Woodmart malfunction???

Unfortunately , my Woodmart support period has been over , so I can’t post the issue in their support forum.


Try forcing the post type, add this to your theme functions.php or in a code snippet:

add_filter( 'relevanssi_modify_wp_query', function( $query ) {
  $query->set( 'post_type', 'product' );
  return $query;
} );

Does that help?

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Yes , that did it !!!

A few days ago , the issue didn’t exist , so the snippet was not essential.

Maybe Woodmarts last update has a compatibility issue (?) and I would prefer everything work well without the help of snippets, but you did the best.

Anyway , I thank you VERY MUCH !!!

What a fast reply !!!

You have the best support I have ever seen and you absolutely deserve the 5 star rating !!!

Best regards

It may be Woodmart, it may be something else; you can get rid of the snippet if you can figure out what it is that overrides the post_type parameter. It’s something in your site, maybe in your theme functions.php.


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