Where do I include the CSS for block patterns? Does the editor pull it from style.css?

Creating a custom pattern for my website and I’m confused about where the actual CSS to style the pattern comes into play. None of the searching or tutorial reading I’ve done seems to cover this. It’s a simple pattern that contains an image block and a heading block that I want to style a certain way so that the heading overlays the image. Thanks!

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  1. A block pattern is just a series of blocks. It doesn’t contain any styling usually other than the styling you can add using the block editor itself.

    Basically, when you insert a block pattern onto a page, it creates that predefined set of blocks for you. So ideally you want a block pattern to consist of nothing more than something you can make yourself in the block editor.

    In other words, a block pattern is just a predefined set of blocks and turned into something that can be easily reused.


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