Where does WordPress store the site URL? It doesn’t seem to update the sql database. So where?

Hello. Let me point out that I am a little new to WordPress. I have a working woocommerce website hosted locally for testing. I had my server connected to a router that gave it an ip of x. X. 1.127. Everything was working. Then I swapped to another router that gave it x.x.100.152, I could access 100.152/myphpadmin but the WordPress site would not load. So looking around everyone says to either modify the database with the new ip or add a command to the confog file to change the wordpress URL ip. I did both, mainly focusing on the sql database since that’s what I would expect WordPress to use. But neither worked.

What worked:I had to reconnect the server to the old router, enter wp-admin, change the URL to the new up, the connect the server to the new router and everything worked.

I then tried changing the homepage url in wp-admin and applied, it works. But then I checked the database, and the old ip (that I entered manually) is still there. That tells me that the option in wp-admin for site URL does not update the database. So where does it update to? I have my problem solved, but I want to know for future cases. If I swap ips or host name and don’t update through wp-admin before migrating, in what file do I manually update the url?

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