Where is the code that sanitizes the output of the list?

One exceptionally maddening thing about this is it’s intentionally inserting incorrect HTML. I’m using <details><summary> tags, and when I add the boolean “open” attribute to <details>, it is being converted from a boolean tag to an attribute with a value.

This is a prime example of why it’s a terrible idea for software to be allowed to overrule a living programmer’s decisions. There is no reason at all why if I enter correct code it should be automatically changed so as to be incorrect, without any way for me to tell it not to.

You know what, forget it. Apparently this post is some sort of danger to the boards so this is going to sit in “moderation”, so I have to sit on my thumbs waiting for it to even post, let alone get an answer. I could code my own plugin from scratch far more quickly than it looks like getting an answer here is going to take. I’m just going to do that. You don’t need to answer this, I’ll have uninstalled the plugin and probably written my own before you even see it.

I do hope in the future you’ll make it so your plugins default to not overruling programmers’ coding choices. Best of luck.


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