Which factors determines the cost of a wp website

I just finished my first website for a client, I did some other websites in the past but they were free.

For the client website it took me about 70 hour of work, here things I did:

1- moved the domain from Wix to a hostinger

2- designed most of the images on the website

3- the website contains 7 statistics pages

4- the website has two custom post type + custom fields each with an archive and single page that includes some custom code

5- I created a form that also includes some custom code

6- took care of SEO

7- daily backups

8- connected the website to an api that pull informations from a 3rd party website via custom code

9- six months of tech support
I just want to make sure that I don’t overcharge him, also should I reduce the price since I am new to the field?

  1. First off, never start any project without a full brief, a contract which would include the final price and a deposit.

    How much you should charge is up to you.
    Also, never feel guilty charging people for work that you’ve done.

    How much do you feel you’re owed for the work?

  2. Depends on a large range of factors: your costs, your experience, your location (city, state, country), your competition, what the client will tolerate.

    Though I’m confused, how is it that you’ve completed the job but you haven’t discussed cost? That’s the first thing you need to do.

  3. 1 – Pretty standard changing hosts so this shouldn’t cost much. Exception being if there is some complex hosting setup with redundancies.

    2 – Designs generally is where about 50% of the cost is but you said you just did some images. So I’d charge per image and roughly how much time is spent. Issue with design is that it is subjective and there can be a lot of back and forth.

    3 – Creating 7 pages is not a lot of work. If it was say 20+ I’d have a separate cost for content population. I’d still charge at least for a day.

    4 – Custome post types should be part of the development cost which should be approximately 30% of the costs.

    5 – This one is a bit difficult for me to judge. I generally just style forms and embed mail chimp or other forms services in order to avoid GDPR issues. Cost based on complexity.

    6 – SEO should be billed on its own. Researching and writing relevant SEO for a website is a lot of time and effort. It also involves 301 redirects, site map and continuous monitoring of the sites performance for the first month and updates SEO accordingly.

    7 – This should be something handled daily by any decent host. I use WPEngine and it allows daily and on demand backups as well as plugin management’s.

    You have left out few items I think that need considerations.

    Custom theme – Did you create a custom theme if so that should be added to the development costs and tracked using a code repository.

    QA – No mention of how you did QA on the website. This is a time consuming task for one person which involves testing bmfront end and back end to ensure all key features are working.


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