Why do all the WordPress themes suck?

…suck for SaaS websites. I really want to move away from Webflow (expensive, very limiting, translations are a nightmare,…) but I’m lazy and uncreative when it comes to building pages.

On Webflow there are a lot of good themes for SaaS websites. Just [an example](https://startop-wbs.webflow.io/landing-pages/home-1) what I mean. When I look for the same for WordPress, all I can find are themes with a 2017-look, very limited functionalities, terrible PageSpeed,…

  1. Just build one. If you lack the skills you could do it as an Elementor Kit via drag and drop.

    I download kits for design ideas all the time. Take pieces of this and that, and rebuild as my own on a blank canvas.

    It’s so easy to piece together exactly what you want now with builders I can’t imagine paying $60 or whatever Webflow charges for a single site.

  2. I use Neve a lot and then custom code all the layout. Lightweight theme with no unnecessary “eye candy”

  3. Don’t use process-specific themes. Find a nice general theme like GeneratePress, Hello, Salient, etc and build your site. All a “SaaS” theme is is a specific application of fonts/imagery/colors – same as every other theme.


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