Why is wordpress and woocomerce so slow on the backend?

I got a cloudways basic sever and just moving around in the backend is slow and website isn’t snappy to navigate. I know I don’t have the best resourced sever but there’s no traffic and just the basic code. So shouldn’t it be like quick to move around the site?

Any suggestions for a noob to make the backend and website faster and snappy?

  1. I had a similar experience. Provisioning more cores and at least 4GB of RAM fixed it.

    On Cloudways, they don’t recommend anything less than 2 cores/4GB for production sites. Less is for staging or very basic sites, without woocommerce.

    Also, get the Cloudflare addon through CW for $5 a month. Used with Breeze, it’s fantastic.

  2. I spent years on WPEngine suffering from this problem, even with their insane $1000+ enterprise solution.
    We then moved to Kinsta and over night all our performance issues went away.
    The answer to you question is ‘shitty hosting’ unfortunately.

  3. Cloudways support is good. That’s about it. I’m on an 8gb server, and it’s still pathetic


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