With FSE, what’s the point of having a Blog Home template?

This could be me having a wrong understanding of what the templates are used for but bear with me.

Working with FSE, I love the idea that you can just edit the template in the Editor to change any content on the home page without setting an explicit page within the Reading Settings. That, along with finally being able to manage the 404 page from the backend is great.

My confusion comes with the home.html template for the posts page. That one doesn’t have a default url and, as far as I can tell, no way to programmatically set it. In order for the template to kick in, either the front-page.html cannot exist or you have to set both the Home page and Posts page in the Reading Settings. Now the editing is not done in the editor, but instead at the page level which means my templates require the `core/post-content` or it’s just confusing to whoever is editing.

I just don’t understand what the purpose is for those “pages” to be editable. They’re single use templates. As a template you get to control what goes above and below the content of the page but why not just edit it all together?

In my head, they should behave like the 404.html template and be managed in the editor.

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  1. I think it’s kinda undefined/up in the air until you edit the reading setting and define if it’s used for displaying your latest blog posts or behaves as a static site.

    It’s also one of the weird WP quirks where everything needs a template, even if it’s used only once like on a homepage.


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