Woocommerce causing issues as of lately with downloadable virtual products


As of lately I’ve stumbled upon strange issues regarding downloadable virtual products. I assume it has something to do with the latest updates because it never occurred before.

When a customer purchases a virtual product, he receives an email with the link to download it. However, this link never works anymore. It always says that the customer isn’t logged in and has to log in in order to download the file.

This happens even if the customer is indeed logged into the site.

Once logged in, the only way to download the product is via the “Downloads” tab. If you go to the “Orders” tab and try to use the click provided within the invoice, it won’t work, but again open up a new tab which claims that you have to be logged in in order to download the file.

Within the Woocommerce settings download is forced, it is indeed required to be logged in to download, and unique names are given to each customer file.

However, I tried removing the requirement of being logged in in order to download the file. The same things happens again. It is as if these options do nothing.

What can be done?
Has anyone else experienced something similar?


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