(Woocommerce) Need help with updated WordPress store’s domain name

I recently changed domain names for my WordPress site which is primarily a woocommerce store. I’m noticing since changing the domain that each product page no longer gives an option to “add to cart” and the Cart option does not redirect to the template’s original cart page. This was all working fine before changing the domain name in WordPress admin.

I’m assuming Woocommerce is not recognizing my store and is not allowing Cart / Checkout functions any longer because it doesn’t recognize my new domain.

I’ve backed up my website, manually exported my ustomer/product/review data, and am planning to delete the Woocommerce plugin, then re-download and re-import all of my Product and customer data. I only have about 20 products and 10 customers, so it shouldn’t be a huge deal to do this…

BUT, is there an easier way for me to do this before I proceed?


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