WooCommerce: Our shipping providers rates are not converting to the stores currency

Hello! thanks for taking the time to read this.

I was hoping any of you had experience with this issue.

Our ecommerce store is based in a small country and we wanted to sell our products in $USD. We have a $USD contract with our payment providers but our shipping provider contracts, two of them actually, are in our local currency. They have both told us that they cannot and do not provide auto currency conversion in checkout.

So our shipping calculations are working just fine but even if the store is in $USD and it will show $ in the shipping column the prices are still in our local currency (it will display a shipping cost of $5,443 for ex.- being our local currency with a $ infront, no converion happend).

Is there any widgets or other solutions available with WooCommerce/WordPress that would take these live-rates/live calucations our shipping providers are doing in our checkout and correctly convert them into $USD?

Appriciate all the help I can get, thank you!


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